Logo Design and Branding

Wether you're just starting out, or looking for an identity makeover, Chess's business branding techniques are mindful of your target demographic as well as making your voice stand out. Working with you to identify your needs, then using precise colors, typefaces, and mood, she'll make your business become your brand. 

Marketing Design and Execution 

Engaging the public and getting your brand out there can be intimidating, but with the right collateral you'll feel at ease! Your options are endless from well-illustrated business cards showcasing your brand, to digital ads re-targeting consumers back to you. Don't forget about monthly postcards to refresh your demographics memory of who you are and what you can do for them!


Who doesn't Google search everything in this day and age? Getting your business set up with the right website (and app!) is crucial to survival. Create with Chess offers website design services where she can manage the website for you, or create the website in platforms where it is easy to handover to your eager team. Don't forget to ask about SEO for your brand!

Just like finding your website from Google, consumers will look for your Social Media accounts before considering going to you. Why not have an organized and consistent brand image with specially designed posts and content with a monthly package from Create with Chess? With options to chose from 5 different Social Media platforms, you'll never miss a chance of getting the attention that converts to leads!

Social Media Marketing